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Bye Bye Jet Lag! Scientists Invent New Method To Deal With It

Circadian Rhythm of Brain Genes Changes with Aging

New Circadian rhythms found in older people

Sleep disorders may raise risk of Alzheimer’s, new research shows

Americans Sleepier than Europeans.

Benzodiazepones do not increse dementia risk

Scientists discover body clock switch

Not Enough Sleep May Help Alzheimer's Take Hold

American Academy of Sleep Medicine puts out recommendation for sleep duration
(Editorial note: there is no right answer to the question "how much sleep do I need" and this recommendation is suitably vague.

Americans Sleepier than Europeans

Docs Want Later Start Times for Teens

Role of sleep duration in the regulation of glucose metabolism and appetite

Health Buzz: Why You Should Start Getting to Work Late - US News

Sleep Research Reveals Early Work Hours Boosts Sleep Deprivation

Don't try to fight it: Your need to sleep is 80 percent genetic

Researchers: E-readers negatively impact sleep - ABC Chicago

Using iPads, smart phones, tablets before bed is worse for sleep than you thought

What the sleep doctors won't tell you - BBC

Moon Phases Tied to Sleep Cycles - NY Times

Sleeping brains can process and respond to words

NY Times: Good Night, Sleep Clean

7 weird and terrible effects of sleep deprivation

How light therapy can treat disorders from depression to Alzheimer’s disease.

Insomnia drugs like Ambien are notorious for their side effects. Has Merck created a blockbuster replacement? - News

Hetlioz (tasimelteon) approved by FDA

Brains Sweep Themselves Clean Of Toxins During Sleep - NPR

Just thinking you had a good night's sleep can improve cognitive skills - The Independent

New way to improve internal clock function may treat sleep disorders

Your Brain Cells Shrink While You Sleep (And That’s a Good Thing) - Time

Researchers claim that sleep detoxes the brain

An end to jet lag? New research on resetting your biological clock

9 Things We Learned About Sleep In 2014

Sleep promotes memory-related brain changes

Researchers use optogenetics to trigger REM sleep in mice.

Fear memories can be overcome during sleep, researchers say

Eight Common Sleep Myths That Can Affect Your Slumber - Lifehacker

Scientists Try to Unravel the Riddle of Too Much Sleep

Sleep therapy can change bad memories

NY Times: How Well You Sleep May Hinge on Race

Sleep Patterns Affect Weight Loss - BBC

Chronic Insomnia Leads to Increase in Mortality

Technology Review - The Secrets of Sleep

Sleep Disturbances and Cancer - Oncolink

Our poor sleeping habits are filling our brains with neurotoxins

New clues to relationship between sleep duration and brain size among animals.

Green tea may help sleep apnea sufferers.

Sleep Duration Varies, Depending on Lifestyle and Gender

Mars experiment might help insomniacs on Earth

Why do we sleep? - Caltech



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