Manifesto - Better, Richer, Wholer Sleep

We love sleep.

Recreational sleep, sleep for refreshment, sleep to help us think better and play better when we are awake.  Sleep for fun.

We reject the medicalization of sleep.  Why should sleep be discussed only when something is wrong?  Why can't we celebrate sleep?

The parallels to sex are there - overly scientific and clinical language to talk about a natural and joyous part of life.

Sleep - we need it.  We want it.  We celebrate it.  Sleepiness is not a sign of weakness.  It is not a moral failing.

The ancients saw sleep as a mystery and enmeshed it in myth.  Sleep was often seen as a gift from the divine, or a curse.  It came upon someone like a thunderbolt some time, and was impossible to resist.

Modern science explains sleep – to an extent – but as a phenomenon we can still love it.

Why should the only people who care about sleep be the ones who complain about it?  Why can't people WITHOUT sleep disorders celebrate and treasure their sleep.

Sleep can be a revolutionary act.  A subversive act.  Is it subversive to fall asleep and skip a trip to the mall?  To not read that book or clean the house because you are sleeping?

Sleep should be inexpensive.  Sleep can be an indulgence because it consumes time, not money.  There is no reason to spend money on fancy mattresses or luxurious sheets.

Sleep should be respected.  We should not equate the desire to sleep with laziness.

Naps are good.  They are not an attempt to avoid good hard work.  They let us work harder and better.

Sleep is part of la dolce vita - the good life. Eudaimonia - the Greek concept sometimes equated with human flourishing - sleep can be a big part of the good life.

Sleep behavior and patterns can be individual.  The Sleepdex website talks about normal sleep quantities and stages, but we recognize there is no right way to sleep for everyone.  Whatever works for you is valid.  The quality of sleep is subjective.

We endorse the Quantified Self movement for those who are into that sort of thing.  Knowing your body and brain can help you live better.


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