Books about Sleep

We read these books and can recommend them. We do not provide a link because we have no financial connection to any of them and do not get any money from recommending them.

Say Good Night To Insomnia – Gregg D. Jacobs – 1998
Jacobs discourages use of drugs and stresses cognitive behavior therapy, reducing stress, and developing good habits conducive to sleep.

Coping with Sleep Disorders – Carolyn Simpson – 1996
Short and easy to read.

Sleepfaring – Jim Horne – 2006
We're big fans of Jim Horne who works as director of the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University. This book is both practical and philosophical and contains tremendously interesting ideas.

The Complete Guide to Psychiactric Drugs – Edward H. Drummond – 2000
OK, but mostly about drugs. Not focused on sleep drugs in particular, although they are mentioned.

Sleep to Save Your Life – Gerard T. Lombardo – 2005 – Despite the hyperbolic title, pretty down-to-earth.

The Harvard Medical School Guide to A Good Night’s Sleep – Lawrence J. Epstein – 2007

Counting Sheep: the science and pleasures of sleep and dreams – Paul Martin - 2002
- Kind of loopy and idiosyncratic

The Promise of Sleep – William C. Dement – 1999
- Long and expansive in coverage from one of the foremost sleep researchers of the past 40 years.

Sleep - A Groundbreaking Guide to the Mysteries, the Problems, and the Solutions - Carlos Schenck - 2007

Sleep - A Very Short Introduction - Steven W. Lockley and Russell G. Foster - 2012 - Very good

And our own Sleepdex Book: