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Sleepdex - Resources for Better Sleep

Our Mission

Sleepdex™ is about sleep in total.  We look at sleep from all angles and celebrate sleep as a fun and pleasurable activity.

Good sleep is a luxury, maybe, but it’s an inexpensive luxury, available to people at all income levels.  You don’t need a fancy mattress or soothing music to get a good night’s sleep.  Few things are more egalitarian.

So easy and yet sometimes so difficult.  For many, getting a decent night’s sleep is a challenge.  The medical profession recognizes dozens of sleep disorders and everyone has an occasional bad night.  Some people have bad night after bad night – chronic insomnia and that is no fun at all.

Although scientifically grounded, we are not a medical website.  Sleepdex is not written by physicians and should not be relied upon for diagnosis or treatment information for any medical problems.  We try to present information accurately, and that includes information about physiology and biology.

If there’s anything we want to do, it’s to raise awareness of sleep, how important it is, and how happy it can make you.  The field of psychology saw a change with the advent of positive psychology.  We want to encourage a similar change when it comes to thinking about sleep – away from a constant focus on sleep disorders and toward an appreciation of sleep and slumbertime as goods in themselves. The Centers for Disease Control website describes the somewhat backward focused view of medicine: "health in the United States has traditionally been measured narrowly and from a deficit perspective," and that's something we want to change at Sleepdex.

We have two mottos at Sleepdex.  The first is “Good Sleep for Good Health”.  It underscores the idea that sleep makes you healthier, smarter, and stronger.  The second is “Sleep: Rock Thy Brain”.  This line, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, has several connotations.  Sleep is mostly a brain process and important for brain health.  The modern meaning of Rock as a rally to high living and enthusiastic embrace of Life – that’s part of it, too. 

Our manifesto.




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"O Sleep, rest of all things, mildest of the gods, balm of the soul..."

(Iris to Hypnos. Ovid, Metamorphoses)